In March I was shooting at the Bali Spirit Festival up in Ubud – 5 nights of amazing music and performances.  I will FINALLY get some images up in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, thought I would share this video – a timelapse shot during the final night.

I shot this with an old D2x / 10.5mm, mounted on a tripod at the back of the stage.  I would love to have rigged the camera up in the roof but couldn’t get my hands on something secure enough to hold it in place – I wasn’t quite willing to go with the gaffer tape.  The sequence runs over roughly 7 hours – over 800 frames – before the D2X battery died.  I then imported the jpgs into FCP, did a little correction and resizing and exported as a QT file.  It has been some time since I shot any timelapses but it was a simple process.  More to come in the future I hope!

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