The blog is back! After a lot of research and decisions, I have finally revamped my site and will be starting to blog once again. I have put together a site that hopefully places more emphasis on selections of images and stories that I want to share, rather than my Photoshelter archive, and will be posting here a lot more in the future. One of my main goals of making this change is to improve my site SEO and number of visitors on this site, both of which have dropped dramatically over the last few years. And whats the point of producing images when nobody gets to see them!

The new site uses a great WordPress theme – SoloFolio – designed by Joel Hawksley. Many thanks indeed Joel for the help with getting everything ready! I still have a few things to tweak and I need to resurrect my blog archive, but I thought I would get the site live and make any last changes as I go. One of the reasons I chose this theme is that it allows me to easily present galleries of images, such as that now running on the homepage. And it works beautifully on an iPad. I really struggled to ‘boil down’ this home page gallery – in fact there are still far too many images there – so you may see some changes in the next couple of days. I hope you enjoy! If you have any comments, it would be great to get some feedback. What do you think of the site? How do the images look? What else would you like to see on the site?

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