Licences & Prints FAQ

The vast majority of images in my archive are available to purchase as prints, or licensed for commercial use (rights managed). Purchases can be made online by clicking on 'Add to cart' when browsing an image and selecting the relevant options.

How do I license an image?

To license an image, simply click on 'Add to cart' and select the relevant options under the 'Download' tab. You will be provided with a quote matching your specific image use. Once you have agreed with and paid this licensing fee, the image can be downloaded. Those images that are not available for licensing do not have an 'Add to cart' button available.

What format and resolution will I receive?

High-resolution image files (mostly 4256×2832, 300dpi) are delivered as jpg files without final output sharpening. Please apply final sharpening to the image according to final image use (print, web etc). Other file formats can be delivered upon request. Low-res comps (500px) can be downloaded for free by signing up for a free, Photoshelter account.

What kinds of licensing do you offer for your images?

Images can be purchased under a Rights Managed licence. None are available as Royalty Free. If you would like to learn more about licensing, and read through the terms and conditions of Rights Managed licensing, please visit Print, Rights-Managed and Royalty Free Agreement.

Can I buy a print rather than an image license?

Many images are available as beautiful, high quality prints produced by Spectrum in the UK. To purchase a print, simply click on the 'Prints' tab after you add an image to your shopping cart. To learn more about what sort of prints are available, and any special offers, please visit Prints available from Matthew Oldfield Photography.

You can also purchase a selection of my images via

Can I use your images for free?

Whilst I do allow free use for particular projects, the answer is generally 'No'. If you are interested to learn why I have to say 'No', please take the time to read Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free.

What is Photoshelter?

Photoshelter is an online service that I use to archive and sell my images.

Do I need to create an account for Photoshelter to make a purchase?

Whilst you do not need an account to purchase a print or license (you can do so as a guest user), signing up for a free account gives you the ability to create lightboxes and receive discount coupons. Registration is free and very simple. Once you have created an account, you can sign in via 'Image archive' > 'My account' in the main navigation menu.

How can I pay for a license or print?

Images can be purchased using a credit card via PayPal – you will be taken to the secure PayPal site during checkout. Please note, you do NOT actually need a PayPal account to use your credit card.

My company would prefer to use our own fee structure for licenses and receive an invoice for image use – Is that possible?

Yes. Please contact me directly at

I forgot my password – can I reset it?

You can reset your password via 'Image archive' > 'My account'. Simply click on 'Forgot your password?', enter your registered email address and you will be sent your password.

What is a lightbox?

A lightbox allows you to make your own selections of images from across my entire archive. Simple click on 'Add to lightbox' when you are browsing through the galleries. You will then be asked whether you would like to create a new lightbox or add the image to an existing one. Images in a lightbox can be sorted, rated and commented on, and can be shared with other registered users. They are a great way to work collaboratively on a collection of images.

If you are a picture researcher, a lightbox gives you a powerful tool to compile an image selection from across all the galleries in my archive. You can then share the lightbox with me at if you would like to download high-res files.