As a photographer, it is my belief that I have a responsibility to help the people and conserve the environments that I am fortunate enough to spend time with, or explore – in a nutshell, to put something back.  Towards this aim, I offer my photographic services to NGOs, charities and other non-profits working in any of the locations and countries that I visit.

Unfortunately non-profits are finding it harder and harder to both market themselves, and raise awareness of their cause.  The ability to differentiate themselves from other organisations, to effectively demonstrate success and ultimately, to leverage this success into additional funding, is becoming increasingly difficult.  And in today’s image-saturated internet age, it is not enough to simply have a collection of beautiful photographs that illustrate your cause – organisations must develop additional ways and means of using these images effectively.

When working in collaboration with your organisation, I provide the imagery, guidance and tools necesary to help raise awareness of your particular cause, and your successes.

What do I provide?

  • Images and engaging multimedia features that help the public understand your cause, and demonstrate your effectiveness;
  • Products such as prints, pdf-format ebooks and self-published books, all of which can be produced and sold without prohibitive upfront costs;
  • Exposure through my own marketing efforts. In the world of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, collaboration and sharing is the key to success – my exposure and marketing becomes your exposure and marketing, and vice versa.

What I get in return?

  • My fee.  This is negotiable according to the size of your organisation, what, if any, budget you have for media production and your location.  It may even be waived entirely.
  • Copyright of images.  I retain copyright of all images and simply provide you with a non-exclusive license to use the images for your own purposes.  This allows me to market and sell my work through photographic agents.  If you would like to retain copyright of images, this can also be negotiated.
  • Your support.  I ask for all the help you can give with regards to logistics and access to your projects and locations.
  • Exposure through your own marketing efforts.  As I have already mentioned, collaboration is the key to success.

Why work with me?

  • Extensive photographic experience.  10 years professional experience shooting natural history, travel and adventure, cultural, humanitarian and underwater photography.
  • Publishing experience.  I have written two books, one of which has gone on to sell over 100,000 copies worldwide, and also provided articles and images for many different magazines.
  • Field experience.  I have worked as a photographer in many different locations, including remote and challenging areas such as south Sudan and Papua New Guinea.
  • Sensitivity.  I have lived and travelled in many different countries, particularly in SE Asia, giving me an appreciation and understanding of different cultures.
  • Broad understanding of issues.  I possess a thorough knowledge of current environmental, scientific and political issues, essential when working on a particularly sensitive subject.

Since 2010 I have worked with the Vodafone Foundation and the Milton Keynes Community Foundation in the UK, Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust in Sudan, LivLife in Tanzania, Action for Children in Conflict in Kenya, Planting Promise and Welbodi Partnership in Sierra Leone, Azafady in Madagascar, PEPAIDS in Zambia, Latin American Foundation for the Future in Peru, European Disaster Volunteers in Haiti and VSO in Indonesia.

It was a real pleasure to work with Matt. We work with quite remote communities living in poverty and their quite distinct culture means that it is sometimes difficult for outsiders to be accepted. Matt’s respectful, patient and friendly approach to photographing people meant he was immediately accepted by the Maasai community and taken as one of their friends. As well as the highest quality images, Matt took the time out to talk to those he was photographing and explain about the different parts of his equipment, why he was choosing certain locations, using different sites and lighting – it was just the sort of educational experience that the Maasai loved. The photos themselves were nothing short of phenomenal. We are a small charity trying to get the nature of our work out to more people through our website, press articles, in schools and on posters. The quality of Matt’s images portrays the professional and respectful image of the charity we are trying to convey. In addition to their fantastic lighting, composition and colour, Matt’s photos somehow capture the emotion and desire within the community and bring to life the work that we are doing, the story of our students and the benefits our work has for them. It was an absolute pleasure working with Matt and we look forward to working with him again in the future. Max Griffiths, Executive Director, LivLife.

Matt’s approach is both sensitive and professional. We have been consistently pleased with the work he has produced for us, he puts his subjects at ease and gets great results every time.  He’s always a pleasure to work with and has added real value to our work this summer. Sarah Sweet Rowley, Marketing Manager, Milton Keynes Community Foundation.

Matt did a fantastic job teaching our budding NGO photographers from a variety of backgrounds – including deaf and partially sighted participants. I’d highly recommend his practical and theory workshops to any NGO looking to increase their potential to create excellent photos for all their communication, fundraising and promotion needs. Sarah Oakes, VSO Indonesia

Get in touch
As of May 2011, I will be based in Bali, Indonesia. If you are based in SE Asia and would like me to work with your organisation, please get in touch.  Give me an idea of your needs, where you are based and details of your organisation, and I will be in touch to discuss how I can help you.

I am represented by the Science Photo Library, the leading supplier of science and specialist imagery.  SPL’s network of syndicating agents around the world means that an image or feature about your particular project or organisation may well appear in publications across the globe, dramatically increasing exposure and awareness.