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I just got the below from Kathryn at AfCiC – an update on Wilson Wathome.  Once again, a huge thanks to everyone that contributed or otherwise helped out – thanks to your donations, Wilson has a much better standard of living already!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Wilson’s house as a lot of progress has been made since we last spoke. The decision was made not to rebuild as the basic structure of their house was good and the location would have made the transportation of major building equipment very difficult. So far the major changes so far have been as follows -

  • The previous main entrance is now the door to Wilson’s own room, and the doorway into the main part of the house has been filled in with plaster to give Wilson privacy from his parents and his sister. Yesterday we were able to take a mattress for his room, and all that remains is to repair his bed, which will happen this month.
  • The main room has now been divided into two with iron sheeting, and you enter this new area through a separate door. As you enter, the first room is now a kitchen/eating/storage area, and the back room that is separated by iron sheets is a bedroom, which now also has a new mattress.
  • A totally new roof has been made and fitted for the whole building, out of timber and brand new iron sheets. It looks very smart! We still need to fill the gap between the top of the mud walls and the iron sheets, so we hope to do that by the end of the year.
  • Elizabeth and Newton are also working hard with the parents to introduce water harvesting as a cheap way to access clean water for irrigation and washing etc. Currently one simple gutter has been fitted, along with a bucket, and we are hoping that they will manage the system well and attach more guttering in time.
  • Outside we have built a simple toilet, as previously the family did not have one, and were forced to use the toilets of their neighbours. It is a simple structure made private with iron sheets, but it is a major improvement in the quality of the family’s life, and it offers some much needed privacy.
  • We have also constructed an covered outdoor cooking area out of iron sheets to provide more space.
  • We have provided some tools, and we dug over the patch of land outside the house and contributed seeds and advice to enable to family to grow some of their own food. It will take time, but with our guidance we hope that the crops will prosper.
  • For aesthetic reasons, we have painted the doors and window shutters to make the building smart, and we are about to assist with some re-cladding of the exterior wall as the outer layer of mud is beginning to crack.
  • We have also provided locks for the doors to protect their belongings and personal safety.

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