I’ve now been in Peru for over a week, visiting different projects supported by Latin American Foundation for the Future with Fran Talavera, as well as spending time at a small home for street boys  – Azul Wasi, or the Blue House in English – supported by LAFF.

From what I have seen, Peru is wonderful, fabuous and incredible.  And by all accounts, Cusco is one of the highlights of Peru.  In other words, I am a very happy man.  It really is a fantastic location and I would dearly love to come back at some stage in the future – looks like the South America bug has hit me hard…  Speaking of which, I have been fighting a particulary evil stomach bug, something I tend not to get when I am traveling.  Nothing too serious, but enought to make me worry about long trips and feeling tired-out pretty much all the time.  Not ideal and slightly infuriating to say the least, particularly as I will be heading towards one of the areas’ biggest attractions tomorrow – Machu Picchu!

One thing I have really enjoyed about Cusco is the weather – apart from one day of rain, its been hot and sunny during the day, cold at night.  Obviously being at 3500m keeps the temperature down – and me puffing and panting when I climb up one of the many steep roads in Cusco.  And just to prove that I am up in the mountains, the below is a random snap taken out of the window of a taxi this afternoon – ice and glaciers not too far away.  It’s not a particularly great image – flat, grey light – but it proves a point.  And just to keep this post slightly photography-related, it was shot with a 70-200mm VR II, straight out the window of a car moving along a bumpy road with active VR switched on.  The VR really works well indeed.

On a last note, I have been using my iPhone quite a bit, shooting glorious technicolour, hipstamatic images of my travels.  Rather than post them here, I have set up a Posterous site for blogging from my phone – short and sweet posts with an image of two.

Back to the UK on Friday and editing starts Monday morning – images to be posted soon!

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